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It's Ben at ten every weekend morning on 105.7 Irvine Beat FM!

According to the IBFM presenters, comments Ben is likely to make during a broadcast:


1. What does this button do?
2. Shall I press it anyway?
3. I'm hungry. My belly's getting sore.
4. Should I draw on that?
5. Is that cake mine?
6. Can I say that?
7. Don't worry. No-one will notice.
8.  What song should I play next?
9.  Where's the... Oh I found it.
10. Do you want a cake?

Norie's Knowledge Poll

Norie's Knowledge Leaderboard

Week One:  Stephen from Largs did rather well, and even disputed an answer.
Week Two: Simon swept the board, with six out of six while Elaine sat in for Norie and managed an impressive five out of six.

Want to be the next challenger for Norie?
Give the studio a call or text on Saturday morning from 11am.

Week 1, Stephen:53
Week 2, Simon:65*
Week 3:
Week 4:

* In week two, Elaine sat in for Norie!

Norie's Knowledge: Week One

...with added 'on air' audio, so you can hear the contestant on the phone!

Ben's IBFM Promo Video

It took three days of filming to come up with this 11 second promo...

Glasgow Fairytales

The author of the darkly funny book Glasgow Fairytales joined Ben in the studio recently for a chat.

Alistair McIver spoke to Ben about the book, his writing process and storytelling.

You view the video on the left.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

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