The Show

Every weekday morning between 6 and 7, I work my way through the alphabet, rummaging through my music collection, playing songs by artists whose names begin with today's featured letter or letters.

If you don't know your ABC from your ELO and your OMD from your PHD, it won't make any difference!  Just tune in and enjoy.

So, I have 19 shows and 26 letters.  The only way to make this work is to double up for some of the shows.  Just as well, as I've spent weeks trying to work out how to fill an hour with artists beginning with Q or X.

Each show will contain a variety of pop music from the last 60 years, interspersed with some interesting trivia and some daft tales from around the world.


Radio has been a hobby for the past 10 years and provides an escape from the day job.  I have worked on a number of commercial and community stations in that time, presenting a variety of mainstream and specialist shows.  I love music, playing with computers and talking!  All three come together in a radio studio.

Away from the mic, I'm still recovering from turning 40 a few years ago.  More so, since my wee sister turned 40 this year.  That's just wrong!

I'm an unashamed geek, since the day job involves working with computers.  However, when I get near a radio station, all sorts of things start to fail.  I can put a station off air just by walking in the door.

Deciding that I was getting too much like Victor Meldrew and that I seemed to have an opinion on everything, I joined my community council 14 years ago and now they won't let me leave!

I recorded a wee message to invite you to listen to the show

David's Healthy Tip

Try to ensure you laugh every day.  It really is the best medicine.

Most Likely to Be Heard Saying...

It wisnae me!
So, it's just me then?

Top 10 of Me

I think I misunderstood the boss's instructions and have listed my top 10 letters.

1. S - Beautifully formed, with sweeping curves.  Allows us to make words plural.
2. Z - Reminds me of bedtime.
3. C - Not to be confused with sea or see.
4. M - Ummm, errrr, I can't think of anything witty to say.
5. W - a dead version of the previous letter.
6. T - Yes please.  Milk, no sugar.
7. Y - Why not?
8. A - What's that?  I didn't hear you.  Looks like an artists's easel.
9. B - Scientists say they are disppearing, so we need to protect them.
10. I - Me.  Also necessary for spelling Irvine!

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